Thursday, February 9, 2012

a birthday dinner

Last night, a birthday dinner for a dear friend. Five of us gathered in the living room for drinks and a platter of fried bocconcini served with a bowl of spicy marinara. On to the dining room and a salad of thin-sliced green apple,celery and fennel with mache, dressed with a lemony vinaigrette and tossed with shredded basil, then topped with toasted,seasoned bread crumbs, grated parm and marcona almonds. A refreshing intro to the chicken cacciatora that included marinated green olives, fennel and freshly roasted red peppers. I served it with a saffron risooto mixed with sauteed mushrooms and crusty bread. The birthday dessert was an unrepentantly rich chocolate cheesecake. Lots of lively conversation, laughs and the warm satisfaction that comes with great friendship.