Monday, May 13, 2013

mothers day

A wonderful evening with my daughter, grandkids and son#2. I was not permitted to do anything and they were hugely entertained by my obvious inability to accept this easily. But what fun. They produced a terrific repast, beginning with a prosecco and aperol aperitif accompanied by hummus. On to the table and a tossed salad with mustardy dressisng, corn on the cob, cedar planked salmon basted with a sweet and tangy sauce and roasted asparagus.. Tony had made delicious shortcake biscuits and he ladled on lots of sweet berries and indecent spoonfuls of whipped cream. We were happily sated. After the dishes were done, no thanks to me, I actually got up the nerve to sing to them  - I"ve been taking lessons for a while - and they were encouraging and enthusiastic. A perfect mothers day, I feel blessed.