Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food memories

yesterday was hot and humid so I decided on a simple salad for dinner. I boiled some baby new potatoes, bathed them in white wine and olive oil while still hot, and a little later sprinkled them with garlic chives and marjoram, an herb I keep potted on the deck. I think marjoram is underused, it's lovely in so many dishes. I then poached three small fillets of salmon -enough for lunch with a friend tomorrow. Next, fat spears of gorgeously green asparagus,peeled and cooked just till done. I had some sorrel in the herb bed that needed to be harvested, so I cut a bunch, plunged it into boiling water for thirty seconds, drained it thoroughly and blended it with some mayonnaise. The citrusy infusion was perfect over the salmon. I assembled this all on a white, oval plate and the pink of the salmon, the green vegetable and herb lavished potatoes made a most appealing presentation. I enjoyed my dinner on the deck just before the rainstorm, with fierce thunder and lightning, began.

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