Monday, October 12, 2009

dinner in new york city

after meeting a friend in the city and spending time at the metropolitan museum of art, seeing the Vermeer show where his incredible use of light was, as always, thrilling and the exhibit of the photographs of Robert Frank, we had a perfect dinner at one of my favorite french bistros, Citron. The duck, with its confit and a perfect confetti of vegetables, which included artichoke, broccoli, brussels sprouts and carrots, accompanied by a cake of potatoes,was faultless.We found our waiters' description, bordering on rhapsodic, of a special dessert of the evening, irresistible. A souffle, flavored with liqueur, arrived at our table for us to share. He put a soup spoon deep into the souffle and proceeded to pour in an exquisite vanilla creme. He looked at me hopefully after our first taste and I said "divine". He smiled and said "exactament". The lovely weather, enthralling exhibits and delightful dinner gave us a perfect day.

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