Sunday, November 13, 2011

dinner for three

last night dear friends came for the evening. We started out with drinks,roasted chickpeas seasoned with cumin, tasty and healthy. Also a small selection of cheeses served with a date conserve. On to dinner - first, a salad of greens, barely warm cu bes of butternut squash, roasted with rosmary and olive oil, dried cranberries and tangerine sections, dressed simply with a tangerine juice, olive oil and rosemary dressing.A loaf of super-crusty Italian bread accompanied the meal. The salad was followed by a Greek shrimp dish,crumbled with feta cheese and topped at the last minute with a showering of fresh dill.Green beans accompanied the shrimp. My friend brought dessert, a beautifully presented chocolate mousse laced with coffee and topped, of course, with whipped cream. Lots of conversation and, while doing the dishes, a renewed awareness of the profound joys of friendship.

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