Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a busy day

Unable to sleep I got an early start on the day. First, out to the vegetable garden for the day's harvest of tomatoes. I grew them all from Italian seed,  including Costuloto, which compensates for its peculiar, flattish and wedged appearance with great flavor. Then, after a wonderfully satisfying breakfast of fresh figs and yogurt I decided to utilize the last of the season's blueberries in three coffeecakes, two for the freezer. The cakes, baked in eight-inch square pans are comprised of two thin layers of a light batter, the first topped with a generous covering of cinnamon sugar and the second layer topped with the berries,which had been tossed with some panko. Atop that, a streusel. They are delicious!! My next project was a "drunken fig jam", a delightful conserve to be served with cheese. I processed the jars so they needn't be refrigerated. A heady mixture due to the brandy-marinated fruit. Then, out of the kitchen and out to the garden to attack the onerous weeds and some serious deadheading.


  1. The girls, Brig and I are getting ready to process some applesauce, probably tonight. I gleaned 20# of apples from a tree in our neighborhood at an unlived in residence. Another couple of pounds of crabapples from friends. should turn into a beautiful pink sauce. xxoo - E

  2. I love Costoluto too. So early and delicious. It came back for a second round for me, and the fruits were not as attractive to the (expletive deleted) stinkbugs as the bigger beefsteaks.


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