Tuesday, November 13, 2012

pasta with friends

November 13,2012

Good conversation and lots of laughs with good friends Dick and Richard and my daughter,Rachel the other night, and a pasta dish I'd not prepared before. We started at the table with a salad of mixed greens, roasted beets  and goat cheese, topped with glazed walnuts. The main course was whole wheat spaghetti mixed with caramelized onions that had slowly browned over a bit less than two hours - fresh thyme and bay leaves were in the mixture and, when they were ready, some white wine added, then cooked down. Each serving was topped with thick yogurt and chopped parsley-different and delicious. The accompaniment was green beans and crusty country bread. For dessert I served butter pecan ice cream topped  with warm caramel sauce and a new chocolate chip cookie I"d baked a couple of hours before dinner - flat, rich and lightly salty. They all took some home. Now I begin Thanksgiving preparations.Yesterday I  made pie crust dought and froze it, today I'll prepare a grapefruit and cranberry chutney . Now I"m off to my voice lesson which I hugely enjoy, with no expectations I'll be performing in public - but I do a lot of singing in the  kitchen.

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