Tuesday, July 2, 2013

and a good time was had by all

Tuesday,July 2, 2013

Saturday night was steamed crab night at number two son's home. We ate on the patio, surrounded by his lush garden and made short work of a  mountain of steamed crabs, onions, new potatoes and corn. I contributed cole slaw and he'd chosen a gorgeous Sancerre, one of my favorite wines, to accompany the feast. There were three of us, Tony, Rachel and I, and we ate a lot and laughed a lot, and the music - he has outside speakers - was a  terrific mix. I'd made a fresh apricot tart for dessert which Tony served with an indulgence of whipped cream. After dinner we played scrabble and kept our pitiful competitiveness reasonably in check - for the most part. A wonderful night.

The next evening I had a graduation party for my granddaughter, Jordan. She chose the guest list and the menu, or at least the main course, her great favorite, pasta with shrimp in a sweet vermouth, tomato and cream sauce. It was a fun assemblage of good friends. Chilled white wine flowed freely, as did the conversation. For dessert I"d made a summer berry trifle, lining the glass trifle bowl with pound cake,then sprinkling the slices with Limoncello. A layer of lemon curd lightened with whipped cream, then a layer of mixed berries, continuing until the top layer of berries. Rich, gorgeous and delicious. We had fun, which was the operative word for the entire weekend.

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