Tuesday, July 13, 2010

supper for a hot and humid evening

After a week of ungodly heat and humidity we had a few days of relief - and now we're back to climbing temperatures and heavy humidity. That means my supper will be a salad plate - lemon and black pepper grilled tuna that comes in foil packets - a tasty and convenient discovery. So, the tuna, some baby wax beans, a couple of boiled potatoes, baby cucumber, beautiful tomatoes from the garden and some chunks of red pepper - all on a bed of leaf lettuces, the last from my garden until a new crop in the fall. I'll dress it with a lemon vinagrette and strew some baby basil leaves over all. After eating, I'll frost the chocolate root beer cake I baked this afternoon - another recipe from the wonderful book "Baked".Very rich, and I made sure to use really good root beer. It'll be served with vanilla ice cream.
Yesterday, preferring air conditioning to sauna-like conditions, I stayed inside and baked two types of lemon cookies - one, a simple sliced cookie that's incredibly lemony, including both lemon zest in abundance and pure lemon oi. The other delight is a lemon-cornmeal wafer with coarse black pepper to add a surprising piquancy. I love this cookie!!!!

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