Friday, July 2, 2010

a hot and humid summer evening

Despite near-unbearable heat, dinner for five was a relaxed affair with great conversation and high spirits. I grilled scallops and, to accompany them prepared a salsa of papaya, tomatillos, jalapenos, red onion, lime and honey. It was so colorful and refreshing that everyone went back for seconds. There was also a platter of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella scattered with black olives and pistou basil.Lastly, a room-temperature potato and haricot vert salad, dressed while warm with chicken stock, white wine and olive oil along with fresh tarragon from the herb garden.For dessert, the first peach pie of the season, topped with my favorite oat and wheat germ streusel. A lovely summer supper.

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  1. ok where is your newest post. I'm anxiously waiting to hear what gems you prepared with the fresh picked produce.


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