Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a celebration

This past weekend was a celebration of my grandson's graduation from high school. Family arrived from out of town and on Saturday evening we gathered at my house - and ate - and ate----. While sitting around talking, nonstop, the pitcher of sensational margaritas (the recipe came from a friend) was frequently replenished, and two spreads were put out. There was a feta, yogurt and cream cheese mix, which included generous additions of fresh herbs, with lavash crackers to spread it on. Also, a chickpea mixture, with garlic, mint and lemon. I dripped a lovely, fruity olive oil over the surface before serving it with home made pita crisps sprinkled with zaatar before baking.
For the dinner itself my daughter the grillmeister did vegetables - onion, fat spears of asparagus and peppers. And I did a quick to make and delicious cappelini with sauteed shrimp - browned in garlic butter and cooked briefly in a sweet vermouth and cream sauce. Just before sitting down we grilled, two minutes on each side, thick slices of country bread lavished with an herb and garlic butter - ooh, so decadent and so good. Dessert was key lime pie and we quaffed a light, dry white wine throughout the meal. Such a good time.

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