Saturday, December 12, 2009

an informal dinner with good friends

There were for of us for a simple supper last night; easy conversation, robust food and companionship. We started with edamame hummus and a moderately spicy roasted red pepper salsa. I toasted pit chips which I brushed with olive oil and on which I then sprinkled zaatar - crisp and tangy, perfect for scooping up the dips. I planned on our having this in the living room, but everyone was comfortable at the kitchen table with its five glass bowls full of paperwhite narcissi, so fragrant. And behind the table,sitting on a room-separating ledge, gorgeous orchids, in lush bloom for the past six weeks. Next on the menu, a tossed salad of mesclun, roasted and candied walnuts nad sliced red bartlett pairs with a fig vinaigrette. Not a leaf left on the plates and I sent my friends home with a generous bottle of the dressing.On to the main course, stuffed shells, filled with spinach and ricotta. Along with the pasta, roasted broccoli, the florets topped with sliced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. When finished, I sprinkled on roasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese, a bit of lemon juice and zest and some fresh basil. Mmmm. Dessert was a plum tart, whipped cream on the side. Everyone opted for white wine, a sauvignon/semillon blend, one of my favorites. A good time was had by all.

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