Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sunday night supper

My granddaughter requested chicken pot pie for dinner, so that's what I prepared, perhaps a little different from what she expected, but all the family loved it. A typical french bistro version, with cubes of chicken breast,peas, diced carrots, succhini, celery, some garlic, thick-sliced baby cremini mushrooms.and pearl onions. and a good, rich chicken stock, white wine, heavy cream. Everything was sauteed atop the stove, then baked in the oven. Meanwhile, in another oven I baked the puff pastry topping, laid it on the casserole and baked for a few minutes more. It made a pretty picture indeed. We started off with a cheese platter, with which I served little triangles of clementines that had been cooked in acacia honey and warm spices, including cardomom pods, then marinated for a week in the fridge. A lovely counterpoint to the cheeses. At the table, a simple tossed salad of mesclun, belgian endive and radicchio. I served a crisp toss of fingerling potatoes with the pie. Dessert was a platter of cookies I'd baked for the holidays. A nice Sunday evening.

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