Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas dinner

Christmas, so quickly over after much expectation and preparation,was joyful - family and friends, gathered at a festive table. We had prosecco first, beside the fire, with a platter of lovely cheeses, the pecorino drizzles with a reduced balsamic syrup and the aged cheddar accompanied by a confit of red onion. Then to the table where our first course was a light and refreshing salad of thinly sliced fennel, oranges and fresh lump crab, with a citrusy vinaigrette. Next, duckling in a pear,green peppercorn and brandy sauce. With this, roasted assorted root vegetables and a rice pilaf flavored with cardamom pods, bay leaf and other spices,as well as, added at the last moment, roasted almonds. Dessert was a decadently rich chocolate mousse torte, gorgeous to look at, delicious. Wine throughout the meal and unceasing conversation. Perfect!!

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