Wednesday, December 2, 2009

speedy supper

yesterday, after raking the last of the fallen leaves, working out, running errands and baking cookies - rich, profoundly chocolate crackles - it was seven in the evening and I'd not planned anything for dinner. I washed some belgian endive and radicchio for a simple salad and started water boiling for pasta. In a saute pan I softened several cloves of garlic, chopped, in olive oil, added a tin of Italian tuna and some onion conserve I had in the fridge. With the pasta ready to go, I ran out to the garden in the dark with a flashlight and cut a generous handful of parsley. The pasta done, I added a bit of the water to the saute pan before draining, combined it with the tuna mixture and lavished on the parsley. So simple, so delicious, the slight sweetness of the onions playing beautifully with the other ingredients. I enjoyed every mouthful!!

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